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Home watch

Each visit is tailored to your needs and can be conducted weekly, every ten days, or 2 times per month.

Visits Include:

·         Complete visual inspection of interior home, walls and ceilings.

·         Visual inspection of exterior property. Checking pools and irrigation systems.

·         Unscheduled storm inspection after severe storm.

·         Storm preparedness

·         Check refrigerator and freezer.

·         Flush all toilets.

·         Check AC and make sure thermostats are functioning properly.

·         Provide service to have mail held and picked up on regular basis.

·         Stock refrigerator with a provided list for your arrival. 

Additional services may be offered upon request.

Elite Home Professional Services provides dependable contractors in our community for you. We assist in securing services like pest control, house cleaning, landscaping care, Pressure Cleaning, deliveries and minor renovations for your home.